Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is typically a broadband solution that offers great value for money, especially for small to medium businesses or home businesses. When it comes down to costs wireless internet links, they are the best solutions for businesses that do not require high-speed, high-bandwidth solutions. Businesses that utilize wireless internet still have great connection speeds of up to 50MBPS so they can stream, have voice calls, download email and more. Wireless is more likely available to most business over fibre, ADSL and LTE as it can cover greater areas as long as there is a direct line of sight to the towers.

High speed

We can get high-speed high-bandwidth wireless links for small to medium businesses on a point-to-point dedicated wireless link where the bandwidth is dedicated to your business. These links are more expensive to use but they offer a great quality of service for all types of networks and allow the users to do more on the internet at the same time.

Environmental Issues

Wireless internet is typically on the open spectrum that could be affected by environmental-related issues that can influence the connection. A possible issue can be when there is another wireless link in the same area or the same frequency and the links cross one another, but don’t be despaired as this is still a great solution for internet access and voice solutions especially where it is hard to get a decent internet connection.

Corporate Wireless

One of our partners BitCo offer a licensed spectrum wirless solution over the open spectrum, they have bought the license to that spectrum and are the only one that can offer wireless internet from this. This exclusivity will allow for better internet connections over other providers as the air space is not congested. This will give your business a greater advantage over the competition.