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About us

BahatiGroup (formerly Bahati IT Group Trading) was started in 2009 as a powerhouse IT support company. BahatiSupport's main focus was to provide state of the art support to companies who did not have their own in house IT team. We soon realized that we were able to provide our clients with a lot more than just support. We started teaming up with a few partners and were soon able to start an additional division called BahatiHosting. With the new division in place, we were able to provide clients with websites as well as email hosting.

In 2017, we started yet another division - BahatiDesign - with this division in place, we are able to provide brilliant graphic designs, mobile first web development, corporate branding, and almost any media requirements your company may have.

These three divisions - BahatiSupport, BahatiHosting & BahatiDesign - needed a parent company to work seamlessly together thus, we called it BahatiGroup. The group that “achieves excellence through technology”. As a fully integrated team, partnered with some of the best companies and suppliers - both local and international - we are able to provide you, our clients with the best possible service.

In addition, we own a large amount of shares in a recycling company called SolarBlue. The goal of SolarBlue is to safely and correctly recycle old and used electronic equipment. In short, we are able to provide state of the art technological support, services and products from inception to end of life of your devices.

If you are not yet part of the BahatiFamily, we would love to sit down with you and work on a solution that will best suit you and your company.

Our services

Our help desk and onsite support technicians work with your team to achieve the best service for your company,…

Our cloud services range from super-fast SSD…

We offer many types of internet solutions ranging from LTE, wireless (point-to-point), microwave to high speed fibre…

Our installations team pride them selves in their work and make every effort to make sure that your networks are…

Our email hosting is based on the best of the best services, from office 365 exchange to our super-fast local hosted…

As the newest department to the BahatiGroup family, BahatiDesign is tailored to cater any form of print or graphic…

We started to offer Domain and website hosting services in late 2013 and have grown this division year on year. We…

BahatiGroup has been working with the biggest distributors in South Africa and are able to supply a large range of…

BahatiGroup Divisions

Contact us

+27 (10) 025-2484
11 Koppie Street, Florida North
Roodepoort, 1709

We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible, and for that reason, we have an after hour support line for existing clients. If you need support after hours, please feel free to contact us on: +27 (74) 500-1931
If you're an existing client of BahatiGroup or any of its divisions, you can log onto your client portal and submit a ticket directly to one of our support technicians.

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