The importance the cloud
plays on your company efficiencies
Man working on cloud server infrastructure

The "Cloud" is all everyone is talking about and YES we are fully involved in the cloud. The cloud is now becoming a standard service around the world with more and more providers offering services in Africa, and South Africa is the Hub for this. The cloud includes services like Office 365, off-site backups, Cloud servers, web hosting and document sharing and team working.

When thinking of the cloud, we think integration, we think collaboration as a team and we think information sharing. This is all possible with the cloud and being able to manage everything like a pro makes collaboration seem simple.

Let us help your business integrate into the cloud and manage it all while you focus on everything else for your business. Our Ninjas will assist your business to grow in the cloud and utilize services that will allow your team to collaborate together and get things done faster and more efficiently. 

Your emails & website should be
as unique as your company
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Receiving a mail from a with a proposal that you have been waiting for but the email just doesn't look right causes you to start to question the authenticity. You are unsure as you just received spam from a This is a common occurrence so your business needs an identity and it needs to be unique to you.

Having a unique look and authentic emails gives more businesses and consumers a feel that they can trust your business and believe in what they are receiving when your Unique brand is out there for the world to see on the world wide web. This is your billboard, your presence and your advertising platform for your business.

Your emails and website domain will match, your business will be one and your unique identity will be you, your business.

Registering your own domain
with us is as easy as pie
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Allow us to take care of all the difficult parts of registering your own custom domain. Alls you need to do is the following:

  1. See if the domain you are looking for is available by visiting
  2. If the domain you are looking for is available, simply send us a mail with the domain name, and we can start the process of registering your domain. 
  3. That's it! Sit back and watch as your custom domain comes to life in front of your eyes.
Register your very own domain
with any of these TLD's (Top level domains)
We offer hosting packages
that are convenient to you

Hosting provides you and your business with a platform to connect with your customers. Every website that you see (yes, even this one) has files, and databases, and all this information must be stored somewhere. This is where hosting comes in. Hosting is a platform that allows you to house your websites, intranets and even your emails (emails also need a place to be stored online).

Your hosting package gets connected to your own custom domain, so that when customers visit, they can immediately get more information about your company. 

We offer a wide range of hosting packages, to suit your needs & requirements. Below we have highlighted some of our most popular packages. For a more customised solution, please contact us directly.

Espresso Hosting
This is our smallest entry level package, which gives you all the essential basics. This is a fantastic package for a simple one-pager website and is ideal when you are only utilising one email address.
2gb hosting space,
8gb montly bandwidth.
Up to 5 email accounts,
256 mb per email address.
1 one-pager website allowed
cPanel management portal.
Americano Hosting (Most popular)
This is by far our most popular package. It is a standardised package, that allows for multiple websites, databases as well as emails. This package provides the ideal setup for a brochure based website, or even a website that lists all your products.
5gb hosting space,
Unlimited monthly bandwidth.
Up to 5 email accounts,
512 mb per email address.
5 websites allowed
cPanel management portal.
Laté Hosting
This package is ideal for the heavier user; for sites that have a lot of traffic, or for ecommerce sites that manage payments and orders.
10gb hosting space,
Unlimited montly bandwidth.
up to 10 email accounts,
1 gb per email address.
10 websites allowed
cPanel management portal.
We pride ourselves on top sever security,
and so should you

Server security is a complex and multifaceted subject that can take years to fully understand and master. We diligently develop and deploy a vast array of security measures on our servers in order to prevent attacks and breaches. The security measures in question can be as simple as requiring more secure passwords and as complex as deploying updated encryption protocols for stored data.

What does all this gobbledygook mean to you? Simply put; we make sure that the bad parts of the internet does not interfere with your emails & websites. 

Here are 7 ways we have significantly improved our server security especially for you:

1. Securing SSH

Though the SSH is an encrypted protocol, it is not impervious. We have done our due diligence during configuration to ensure its utmost security.

2.Disable SSH V1

With the inception of SSHv2 making its predecessor SSHv1 all but obsolete, we have disabled less secure and outdated SSH to improve our server’s security.

3.Disable Root Login

To add an additional layer of security and further strengthen our SSH, we have disabled the root user and created a separate user to access the server.

4. Disable Ping Request

A ping is a ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) request, and we have disabled it to avoid “Ping of Death” and “Ping Flood” attacks.

Ping Of Death

Ping of Death is a denial of service attack caused by an attacker deliberately sending an IP packet larger than allowed by IP protocol.

As a result, many operating systems do not know what to do when they receive oversized packets, the machine will be frozen, crashed or rebooted.

Ping Flood

Ping Flood is a simple denial-of-service attack where the attacker overwhelms the victim with the ICMP packets in hopes that the victim will respond with ICMP reply packed thus consuming both incoming and outgoing bandwidth.

If the target machine is slower, it is possible to consume its CPU cycles creating a noticeable slowdown in the system’s processing capabilities.

5. Configure Host Access Control

In certain instances you might want to allow specific services to one IP only. In order to accomplish this goal, we have properly configured our Host Access Control, which allows us to create rules approving or denying server access based on the IP address of the user.

Denying all connections and only allowing the connections which we wish to proceed is the most secure practice for increasing the security of our server against brute force attacks over specific ports.

6. We disabled FTP & are using SFTP Instead

Although you wouldn’t guess it from their names, the FTP and SFTP protocols couldn’t be more different from one another. With standard FTP, all data transmitted between the client and server is in plain text. This makes it possible for an eavesdropper to retrieve your confidential information including login credentials and otherwise “Private” messages.

Unlike standard FTP, SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) encrypts both commands and data, preventing passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted in the plain text over the network.

7. Securing CPanel And WHM Access

We have forced HTTPS URLs to access cPanel/WHM to safeguard your cPanel & WHM login with an SSL based encryption.

Our hosting is not just for websites
we also offer all of this

Our cloud services extend far and wide to offer you the greatest range of cloud based products.