Cloud Servers

Working in an environment where the on-site server was the norm and is the conventional way to work for your employees was alright for business but being in the world that is demanding for always-on, always available work environments and needing information now makes for the perfect environment of a Cloud server.

A cloud server is a cloud-based service that will allow your users to log in remotely and work from anywhere and at any time. We have built specialised servers that can be customised to your needs when it comes to times that are high demand, your services can easily be adapted to the rise in power and space, these can just be configured and changed at the click of a button.

The Niche

Cloud servers allow your business to be able to work from anywhere, access your account package from any different branch and taking down the costs of using multiple expensive software applications. Now all your employees can work on the same server, locked down to what they need and how they work, allow them to be free from constraints of having to be in the office to work, quote and process information. We have found many markets for the use of these services and found that when you have the need for cost savings for your multiple branches, cloud servers will allow your business branches to be one, access the same data, get real-time information on your stock, sales numbers and more.

Management of the Cloud Server

Embracing the cloud with us will allow our skilled Ninjas to help you and lock down and protect your server, install and manage the server in a matter of minutes and get the collaborative teamwork going at a fast rate with the always available cloud server. We will assist your business in the build and design of the server environment that your business needs, we will have real-time stats of the server, its workloads and need for memory or space. We are able, at the click of a button, to increase or decrease the resources of your server quickly and easily.