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Let us explore the many types of internet solutions we have for you
Different connections

We offer many types of internet solutions ranging from LTE, Wireless internet, Microwave internet and high-speed Fibre. Knowing what your business really needs is the most important things you can do. There is a major difference between consumer grade and business or enterprise-grade internet and yes, there is a cost factor to what you decided to use.   

As with the grades of the internet, there is the cost, lets put it this way, would you like your business to have its own lane on the highway or would you like an aggregated service and share the lanes with everyone else? Would you pay for this service or would you prefer to pay a few toll fees and possibly share it with less business but still share?

Fibre Internet

Business fibre, more commonly known as FTTB, is different from the fibre that is being dug in your residential neighbourhood which is known as FTTH. FTTB is the glory child of internet access, that boasts light speed internet. This premier link will allow for both internet and voice as top priorities on the networks with dedicated access to all local and international based sites. Fibre is, and has always been, the most reliable form of internet access with SLAs offered from the providers with 3 hours to assess and repair, our partners are dedicated to making sure that the internet has a 99.8% up-time and reliability with high bandwidth allowing for all types of uses from voice, downloads, browsing, video conferencing and more all at the same time.  


Microwave Internet
Internet tower

Microwave Internet is a dedicated wireless solution that is capable of high bandwidth for internet and voice solutions. 

This is the big daddy of wireless links that allows high bandwidth and high speeds on a dedicated spectrum with the least interference from all elements of the environment and/or of other wireless signals that could be interfering. These links are the best for voice solutions and they run on the voice providers networks thus giving you direct access into the major players and are normally run on a fibre back bone. 

This type of internet access is costly but allows your business to have the best in its class wireless link. Microwave has the capabilities to upscale your link with speeds from a 5 Mbps to a whopping 100 Mbps with all the bells and whistles. 

LTE Internet
lte internet

LTE is purely a best effort service and is a consumer grade service in its whole right. This may be the most cost effective and do the job or get high bursts of speeds but, that is never guaranteed. You will always be sharing with all the other consumers and no matter how busy or not the highway is your business will still need to be connected to the internet. LTE is a great service for just voice or internet. 

LTE Advanced is designed to provide higher capacity, an enhanced user experience, and greater fairness in terms of resource allocation. It does this by combining a bunch of technologies, many of which have been around for some years, so we’re not really talking about the implementation of an entirely new system here.


Wireless Internet
Wireless internet

Wireless internet is a cost-effective internet access solution that is typically broadband over a dedicated connection. This solution offers great value for money, especially for small businesses or home offices. When it comes down to costs, wireless links are the best solutions for businesses that do not require high-speed, high-bandwidth solutions. 

We are able to get high-speed high-bandwidth wireless links for small to medium businesses on a point-to-point link where the bandwidth is dedicated to your business for areas that do not cater for fibre or fixed lines. Our Partners that offer the wireless solutions have built their networks from scratch and maintain high availability to the best of their ability.  

Voice Solutions

Our Voice Solutions are customised for your needs. We offer the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) in a hosted environment or with a physical on-site PBX, moving away from the traditional fixed-line copper that we have all been used to for many years. Our hosted PBXs are fully fledged and fully customisable switchboards that are hosted in the cloud. This gives you the flexibility of connecting your office with branch offices or even offices in other countries, allowing your business to be within the same switchboard and call one another free of charge as this is only an extension on your hosted switchboard.

Most of our partners have a phone app that integrates into your hosted PBX which gives you a mobile extension wherever you or a staff member are which allows your business to have a more reliable, cost-effective solution for all types of voice communication which means more flexibility for your users to communicate with your customers. 

Park Fibre

Park fibre is a product that we have been dreaming about for years and now we have finally found a provider that is willing to make this dream possible. There have always been problems with getting High-speed fibre into business parks and high rise buildings because the land lords do not want to have their property dug up for a new fibre line for every new business. Now with Aerocom, we can come in, dig once, build once and put a fibre cable into every office within the business park and high rise buildings.

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