Park Fibre

Park fibre is a product that we have been dreaming about for years and now we have finally found a provider that this willing to make this dream possible. There have always been problems with getting High-speed fibre into business parks and high rise buildings, this is because the land lords do not want to have their property dug up for a new fibre line for a every new business.

Park Fibre will revolutionize the office park

We are able to enter into the business park or office tower, dig once, build once and have a fibre cable in every office within the business park and high rise building.  

Your business can now have its own lane on the highway with the ease of doing business - imagine the possibilities, your business can sore to new heights. When fibre is aggregated this way it now becomes much more affordable for all business as the costs involved are spread across all the businesses in the park or building. We are able to assist the landlords with making sure that their tenants are getting the best solution for voice and internet, allowing the businesses to have reliable forms of communication. 

We are even now able to make sure that the network that is installed at the parks and buildings are managed and give the options for security and reliable connections. The landlords are able to rent out space that is inclusive of internet and voice or allow for the individual businesses to manage it themselves - the possibilities are endless.