Our brilliant installation team will keep you up
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Our installations team pride themselves in their work and make every effort to make sure that your networks are installed correctly and neatly. We offer full network, CCTV, fibre and lightning and surge protection design and layouts and implementations. We can make any network possible no matter the depth and difficulty of the job. We are fully qualified and use all our resources to make your network, CCTV and lightning protection possible and make sure that it stays up and running. We offer a full 1-year warranty on all our copper cabling jobs as we truly believe that our work is exceptional and done with pride.  

Camera Installations

Do you ever feel heavy anxiety when you leave your Business? After locking the doors or going on holiday? Instead of easing into your car, do you eventually give up, running back to your business to stand guard over your property or contract a 24-hour security company? 

Unfortunately, for those worried about security, it's impossible to be in two places at once. We can install locks and alarm systems (which, incidentally, have driven down the number of burglaries over the years), but nothing is fail-safe. 
Installing a camera system can give you that peace of mind of watching from afar, when on holiday or just going home for the night. Even during the day to check on those employees with sticky fingers or finding where you left your car keys. 


Fibre Installations
Fibre installation

Fibre connections can speed up the process of saving a document over the network, to working on a company application a lot smoother. This is necessary if your network is slow or you are just not getting the speeds that you want between your servers and network.  

Fibre is the answer you are looking for if you have two or more buildings in close proximity and you need a connection to each other's networks. Fibre delivers light speed connection to your data, applications and internet from your main building. Fibre is secure and you are the only business that can use that connection with the relaxation of knowing your data is safe. 


Network Installations

A network is the most essential part of your business, without this, your business can be at a standstill. With a network, your business can reach new heights, you is now able to share files and folders from various devices, access the internet, print to multiple printers and stream or video conference. This is an important infrastructure to have in place for any business, no matter the size. There are two ways of getting this right without using a peripheral device such as a flash drive or external hard drive and it is a wired or wireless network and each comes with its own capabilities. 

Server Installations

Our senior Ninjas have the expertise for the majority type of server installations. Our main focus is on Microsoft Windows Servers and specialise on Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS and DHCP. Our Ninjas will configure your server for the type of network that your business needs. We have grown strength by strength and keep our knowledge up to date with the different types of configurations that servers can take. Our Ninjas design the best possible solutions for the type of implementation for your business. Our expertise and knowledge in the products and being a Microsoft Partner allows us to lean on Microsoft directly to make sure that we implement the correct solution for your business.