We do camera installations

Do you ever feel heavy anxiety when you leave your Business or home? After locking the doors or going on holiday, instead of reluctantly easing into your car, do you eventually give up, running back to your business to stand guard over your property or contract a 24-hour security company? Unfortunately, for those worried about security, it's impossible to be in two places at once. We can install locks and alarm systems (which, incidentally, have driven down the number of burglaries over the years), but nothing is fail-safe.  If they want to get in, they get in and your best defense is a picture and this can tell many words, and it can assist in a criminal investigation

Our ninjas make a point

Our installations team pride themselves in their work and make every effort to make sure that your cameras are installed correctly and neatly. We offer full networked CCTV and Standard analogue CCTV installations. We will design and layout the implementation of your CCTV network, our skilled technicians will make sure that all the sites are covered and that no view is missing.  We will work with you to make sure that all the options are covered and make sure that when it comes to you being able to see your business or home and what is happening.  We will make it viewable to you no matter where you are in the world or what time it is. We can make any situation possible no matter the depth and difficulty of the job. We are fully qualified and use all our resources to make your network, CCTV and lightning protection possible and make sure that it works well. We offer a full 1-year warranty on all our copper cabling jobs as we truly believe that our work is exceptional. 

You have a variety of choices

There is a wide variety of security cameras available to you. Some are large and stand out in the open, this might serve simply to deter criminals, while others are tiny and to stay hidden and discreet. If you're considering setting up some type of video surveillance system in or around your business or home, there are a lot of questions to ask yourself before getting started. To find the different types of security cameras out there and which systems are best for certain situations, give us a call to identify this for you. Installing a camera system can give you that ease of watching from afar, when on holiday or just going home for the night, even during the day to check on those employees with sticky fingers or finding where you left your car keys.