What is a network

A network is the most essential part of your business, without it your business can be at a standstill, with it the cloud's the limit.  With the correct network infrastructure you are able to share files and folders from various devices, access the internet, print to multiple printers and stream or video conference. This is an important infrastructure to have in place for any business no matter the size. There are two ways of getting this right without using a peripheral device such as a flash drive or external hard drive and it is a wired or wireless network, and each comes with its uses.

Wired Networks

A wired network is your most stable, fastest and dedicated type of network setup. It is the more secure option of protecting your information, as it can only be accessed when you plug the network cable into your device. With a wired network all your fixed devices and infrastructures can communicate between one another, and form part of one dedicated environment that the entire business can utilize for all types of communication.  It also consumes all types of information, from emails to streaming, to video conferencing.  If your business is always on the go, then a wired network is the right setup for you. Speed and stability are key to a successful network. Let us help you design and implement the correct wired network for your business’s needs.

Wireless Networks

Having a wired network is key to a highly stable network, however, in some cases a wired network is not the preferred option.  This is because you can’t have your mobile devices constantly connected to a cable throughout the day.  This is where having a wireless network is the preferred solution for these needs.  This creates a complete wireless network solution (Wi-Fi).  That means no more cables or spaghetti junctions to the cabled messes that we have all been accustomed to for your devices.  Your cell phones and laptops and even your scanning and Smart TV devices can now connect directly into the network without the mess of cables in plain sight.  We will help design and implement the best wireless network infrastructure that is configured with the best speeds for your needs.