We get your server and talk its language

Our senior ninjas have the expertise for the majority types of server installations. Our main area of focus is on Microsoft Windows Servers and specialize in Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS, DHCP and so much more. Our ninjas will configure your server for the type of network that your business requires, and will design and implement that server infrastructure for your needs and make sure that we think ahead when it comes to growth. We have designed and built servers for small offices to large offices and these needs and requirements are very different.  We have implemented server needs for ISO requirements where a failover is a required standard to having the right backup solution.


Microsoft skills

We have grown strength by strength and continuously keep our knowledge up to date with the different types of configurations that servers can take. Our expertise and knowledge in these products and being a proud Microsoft Silver Partner allows us to lean on Microsoft directly to make sure that we implement the correct solution for your business. Being a Microsoft Partner keeps us on top of our skill set and having to keep our ninjas educated on competencies every year helps us grow and helps us help you by knowing more than we need to.  It is taking the term 'NERD' to the next level. 

Server Design

We have been working with Microsoft, Dell and HP for many years and have developed skills that we never thought we would get to, but from this we have learnt to be disruptive and look out of the norm of everyday implementations and design and build servers that are connected and talk to one another, they utilize the cloud, clever networking and software. We know the right design for your needs and potential growth, once we have designed the right server, we will use our skills and implement it for your business. We will have the right setup, policy and device that is fully licensed and use the latest server software, whether it is a physical server or a cloud server we will make it work right for you.