Cloud server

Your business can now be an always on and work anywhere company, we know that having an always up environment is key to a functioning business and this is a solution that works, there it is just for an account operation where there are many individuals around the country that need to work on the same database or a company that wants to keep their cost down on expensive server hardware, we can build the correct cloud server environment for your business’s needs.

If you do not know what your ned of a cloud server would be, think of it as using TeamViewer®, like we use TeamViewer® to log onto your pc for IT support and work on your pc, well this is like that but you just use remote desktop app to log onto the server and use your programs there. Our Super-Fast SSD Cloud Servers can be used for many types of solutions from front desk sales, to running accounts systems or just use it as your desktop that is in the cloud a Mobile App server, dedicated web server or for software development.

We offer pre-defined servers from entry level cloud server to Large scale cloud server with many types of OS’s like Windows Server 2016 ® to CentOS Linux OS or we can custom spec the right server for your business’s current needs and when your needs require more that’s not a sweat we can increase or upgrade the server as and when you need it