This is our light speed internet access that is so fast that it is the ultimate solution for internet and voice capabilities.

Fibre is the glory child of internet access that boasts light speed for the flow of information. This is our premier link that will allow for the link of both internet and voice to top priority’s on the networks. Fibre is available as a broadband share link or as a dedicated link that will give you the best of the best for all your internet needs. 

Broadband share link

A broadband share link is a link that is shared among multiple residents and business in a local area. This connection still offers light speed access, however, it could be managed slightly to cater for everyone's needs.

Dedicated link

A dedicated link is a direct link from your property to the local exchange, allowing users to use your connection at its full unthrottled superiority.

Fibre is delivered as a link for your office or home to the data center thus allowing for the highest class internet access solution for your business or home. Link speeds start at 5 Mbps and can range up to 1 Gbps giving your business or home the high available bandwidth for your needs.  

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