Why recycling your electronics is good
Broken radio casette

Throwing your electronics and tech items into landfills can be extremely toxic to the environment - The hazardous chemicals that lurk in all electronic equipment and tech items like lead, cadmium, beryllium, chromium and arsenic can seep into the ground and groundwater, thus poisoning our drinking water, water for our crops and animals we consume. Coming into this reality can be dire to humans and animals alike, our environment cannot take the number of carbon emissions. Global warming is real, and it is here already, we see it in Africa with drought and famine, we also see it around the world with big and stronger weather events.  

The environmentally friendly way
Energy pollution

We all know that as humans we consume far too many electronic goods and this is in no way environmentally friendly to our planet. The more we consume and the more we pollute, from Co2 emissions on the burning of raw materials to the old junk we throw away in the dump sites, the more we cause pollution, just because we have to have the next best piece of Tech. We know that we as BahatiGroup also contribute towards the pollution as we supply so many types of new tech to businesses like yours, so we have decided to take back control and give back to our environment by contributing to the recycling revolution.  


Unwanted Items

We recycle all the broken and unwanted tech that has fallen past its sell-by date, the equipment that can no longer take the pace of demanding workloads, the equipment and tech that got so badly damaged from the last storm and is now uneconomical to repair. We process all the items in an environmentally friendly way, we strip it down to its bare metals and take out all the harmful chemicals, dispose of these correctly and have the recyclable materials taken to the smelter to make new tech and great gadgets. 

We are doing our part

We are doing our part to help the environment and helping humans and animals to live in a non-toxic world. Don’t you think that it is your responsibility to help as well? We assist you in this by recycling your electronic equipment and tech in the most environmentally friendly way possible. You can now help by not just throwing it away and adding to the problem. You can help remove the toxic chemicals that could land up in the environment, put back the metals into the smelter and help them create less Co2 emission as they now will now use less raw materials to create your new tech. All this can be done with the help of the BahatiGroup.  

We do the recycling

We recycle all old and new electronics and tech, old cabling and power cords, the batteries and more. Our team is skilled and follow all the rules, stay safe and do not just throw items away. We will always recycle in the most eco-friendly way possible. The new research and techniques to recycle goods make it possible for us to add a green smile to our faces knowing that we are doing our part. 

We will break down the tech and split all its parts and make sure that we recycle every bit we can. There are some items that cannot be recycled so we then re-purpose these and make good use or other types of products from these, there is always a way, there is always a purpose for something.