Cable Recycling

Recycling old cabling from old building or old networks is important to use, these get degraded overtime and effect how efficient your network or power consumption can be. Having the right cabling is important to your business and when the cables are broken or damaged, most of the time this cable is just cut and left behind, making server rooms untidy and difficult to manage, make the roof and ceiling difficult to trace and control or create homes or rodents and the heat of these cable can just be enough for them to call it home.  

Recycling is important

Recycling the old cables, which most is made from copper or aluminium can degrade and rust, releasing toxic materials into our grounds or slowing your networks. When we recycle the old cables, we help to bring down the current 6.8 tonnes of Co2 and other toxic greenhouse gasses that get pumped into the atmosphere daily by producing metals from raw materials. The more we recycle the less that gets added, the better we feel. 

We deal with all cables

Knowing that, we will come out and remove the old cables for you to help you, or having a clean manageable server room, clean roof and ceiling or knowing that there are now no opportunity for rodents that can call your spaghetti junction a home, is knowing that we have done it responsibly.