Data Recovery

Regular data backups dramatically reduce the risk of having to recover from data loss, but this is not always the case. Hard drives have spinning disks that rotate at more than 7200rpm as well as read and writing heads that are so close to the disks which could spell disaster if dropped or experience mechanical failure. Another possibility is that you just accidentally delete or lose your data. We offer Data recovery services. By getting the Damaged media into our Lab, we will get your data back to you - A Discrete and Secured Process! 

What is data recovery

Data recovery, disaster recovery is a process of extracting data from a storage media such as hard drive (internal and or external) that has been damaged or accidentally deleted or erased. We scan the entire drive for any data that is recoverable, extract this from the damaged drive, and make a copy for you. 
Data loss can occur in many ways from inconsistent file system state to an operating system corruption. Strange behaviour directories, system crashes, and an actual loss of data are a few examples of this.