We will keep you on track with the latest hardware and software
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We have tried and tested a number of Hardware Manufactures and Software Developers and found only the best for our customers, You. We know that most equipment is designed to only last short term as technology evolves at such a fast pace, when you blink your eyes there is something new, so for this, we always focus on making sure that we have the correct type of product for the job at hand.  

Knowing the differences between consumer, business and enterprise products will make the difference in the long run for your business as the products are designed for the job. Buying a consumer product may not be the right device as it is designed to work for a few hours a day. Buying a business or enterprise product will last and work hard for your business, we know this, we have been trained up by the Manufacturer to know what is the right device to suit your needs. 

We are constantly observing the latest hardware and software products on the market. Due to this, if it is needed that hardware with specific specs are required, we can advise you as to which would be the best choice for your required needs and make sure that we are finding the right devices. 

We choose only the best equipment for you
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We have partnered up with the likes of Dell, HP, Western Digital, Microsoft, Untangle and Kingston just to name a few. We have done this to make sure that your business is getting the right equipment for the job, with the right type of warranty. Through constant product training and partner competencies, we have had the opportunity of being in the support game and understand what really works and what does not, so you can rest assured that you are in capable hands with our sale magicians always on the lookout for your business and keeping in mind the best solutions for your business. We have a number of partners that assists us in all areas of hardware and software, they assist us with advising on the correct type of devices and making sure that we apply the correct warranty. 

We are proudly supported by some huge manufacturers and developers like:
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Knowing your product and its warranty

We know that your business needs to keep on operating 24/7 and having a hardware failure always happens at crunch time when that deadline is imminent. We know this all too well, so having a warranty that covers your business equipment is one of our main focuses.

This is the difference between next business day repair or replacement, or sending your equipment into a repair centre for two or more weeks before you even get your equipment back which can set your business back a good amount of time. We have made sure that we cherry-pick only the best products that will keep you covered with their warranties. 

There are many types of warranties, from Carry-in, Next business day on-site, next business day collection and repair and lifetime and limited lifetime. Knowing these warranties is our job and educating you, the customer, to know these things is extremely important. We want to make sure that you have the best warranty that will best suit your business best. 

We will handle the whole process for you from notifying the Manufactures, run all the tests and arrange the warranty replacement or repair.