We have been partners with Untangle since 2010, and as one of their first partners in South Africa who have believed in their solution for all these years. Untangle is the most trusted name in firewall solutions designed to help small-to-medium sized businesses while safeguarding business data and devices. Untangle provides our Ninjas a cloud-managed portal that gives us security and connectivity options that work together seamlessly to ensure protection, monitoring and control across the entire network. Untangle is committed to bringing open, innovative and interoperable solutions to its customers through its rapidly growing ecosystem of technology and managed services. 

Web Filtering

In the past, blocking websites based on the web address (URL) was all we needed to do as it was only done at the office on the network firewall. The Internet evolved so that now employees access the internet on their business devices many other ways as did the types of websites and applications employees accessed, both on-site and away from the office. As functionality rapidly moved to the server, it sparked the meteoric rise in cloud-based applications and changed the way content would be delivered over the web. We can now block site via cateqories and not just the web address - there are so many types of site out there, we cannot block them all by name.

Network Visibility and Control

Application Control, Web Filter, and SSL Inspector provide administrators with the ability to see all websites and applications being accessed, even if they hop to non-standard ports or transfer data through HTTPS. Having visibility over traffic on the network ensures that policies are being enforced and users trying to bypass filtering are stopped. 

Bandwidth Control is another requirement that most legacy solutions fail to address. With content quality now typically high-definition or above, controlling the number of bandwidth websites and applications used is key to maintaining reliable Internet access. Left on its own, network performance can quickly succumb to Netflix, YouTube, Social media and other recreational traffic. Using Layer 7 DPI and SSL inspection, Untangle easily identifies all recreational traffic, preventing users from bypassing the controls, and puts shaping in place to stop network bottlenecks. 

Untangle delivers everything you need with a single appliance and one-click user interface.

Control doesn’t stop at managing bandwidth usage for the web and applications, managing what kind of content users can access is just as important. Some users need access to certain applications or web resources, while others do not meet regulatory compliance or data privacy requirements. To solve this, the Policy Manager lets you set unique and granular policies for individuals, groups and departments. Session viewers and event logs identify individual users and the specific applications that are negatively impacting the network in real-time. Once identified, network administrators can stop users from streaming videos from Netflix, downloading illegal content with P2P clients, and hiding their activities with apps like UltraSurf. If needed, they can also control specific application functions. For example, one group of users may require access to all of Facebook, while another group will need to be restricted from certain functionalities like Facebook games or videos 

Supporting BYOD and Open Wi-Fi

Untangle makes it simple for businesses to support BYOD (Bring your own device) and open Wi-Fi by identifying all users through a Captive Portal and, if available, Directory Connector. Once identified, Untangle ensures security and enforces policies so each individual user has the right access to network resources. Unidentified users can be put into a generic user group to limit their network access, preventing any security risks or bandwidth impacts they would otherwise have on the network. This ensures employees can freely use their personal devices they are comfortable with on a secure, reliable business network. 

Visibility and Control

The biggest challenge facing home networks isn’t necessarily even security, though that is an issue that continues to grab headlines. It’s the lack of visibility into and control over what’s happening on your network. This is where Untangle can help. Unlike today’s home Wi-Fi routers, Untangle NG Firewall logs traffic for rich, robust reporting into every facet of what’s happening online: sites your kids are visiting, neighbours jumping on your wireless network, and your newest IP-enabled gadget phoning home. NG Firewall allows you to create rules for managing access to websites, applications, and content based on criteria like device, user, time of day, day of the week and more. You can see the effect of those rules through drill-down reports that can be monitored via the 360° Dashboard, a single pane of glass view into what’s happening on your network. 

NG Firewall for the Home

You may already be running Untangle at your business, school or organisation. Now you can run Untangle at home, at a reasonable price. For only $50 a year, you can run HomePro on your own hardware, in a virtualised environment or on an Untangle appliance. 

The HomePro package includes all NG Firewall applications, free and paid, except for: 

Branding Manager, Live Support, Virus Blocker (With HomePro, you still receive the benefits of Virus Blocker Lite) . 

Each of these applications can be purchased separately.