Fibre Connections

Fibre connections can speed up the process of saving a document over the network and make working on a company application a lot smoother. This is necessary if your network is slow or you are just not getting the speeds that you want between your servers, devices and network.

Fibre is the way

Fibre is the answer you are looking for if you have two or more buildings in close proximity and you need a fast-reliable connection between the two networks. Fibre delivers light speed connection to your data, applications and internet from your main building. Fibre is secure and you are the only business that can use that connection with the relaxation of knowing your data is safe.


There are multiple types of fibre connectors, most common are ST, LC, FC and SC. Fibre cables can differ from multi-mode to single mode. Multi-mode is mostly used for the internal side of a business and Single mode is to link your longer distance buildings or franchises together.

Fibre can be used to eliminate the "lag" within a network by connecting your switches together to lessen the congestion.