Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert

Fraudsters are continually finding new ways to scam unsuspecting individuals.

Examples of the latest scams targeting Telkom and its customers:

Fraudulant pop-ups & websites

This scam has appeared predominantly on mobile devices as an internet pop-up. The intention is to get you to click on a provided link which directs you to a fake website. Once there you will be asked to fill in your personal information, which can then be used in a fraudulent manner.

Fraudulant email

A fraudulent email, specifically targeting Telkom customers, has been identified and is intended to trick Telkom customers into believing that an attempt has been made to delete their Telkom account. It requests that the victim complete a form to be able to continue using their account. The main purpose of this scam is to steal the victim's login credentials.

However, if you know what to look for, you'll be able to spot the con:

  • Telkom online communications will always carry the domain.
  • Telkom will never request your login details.
  • Telkom will never ask for your Identity number.
  • Telkom will not ask for your banking details.
  • Letter heads are not official, i.e. using old Telkom logos, or Board of Directors are not valid.

What to do if you come across any of these?

  • Do not click on the links or act upon any given instructions.
  • Report it to the information security unit.

What to do if you have already provided your details?

  • Immediately change your password across your online accounts (shopping, banking, emails).
  • If you have supplied your Identity number, immediately report the issue to your credit reporting agency or bank so that they can monitor any fraudulent account activity or transactions.
  • Ensure that your mobile device or computer has up to date anti-malware software installed.

To report suspected fraudulent activity contact

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Telkom fraud alert warning