Western Digital

Western Digital Hard Drives are the leader in the world with a wide range of products from Portable storage, internal disks and SSD storage. They proud them selves on making the best drives in the world that handle the most robust environments and all types of uses. They boast a great warranty with most of their products having an average warranty of 2 years.


WD Blue

This is your basic desktop and laptop drive that most devices use from PC's, Laptops and All-in-One devices. These are the most cost effective and reliable drives for all types of uses.

WD Black

This is your high performance drives used mainly for Gaming, Designing and Rendering, these drives boast large capacities for game libraries and media files, this is the perfect drive for the architect, interior designer, DJ and producers, they offer the speed and reliability to get the job done.

WD Red

This is your NAS drives, built and designed to give you the piece of mind that your data is always available over the network, these drives have be designed to be consistently reading and writing data.  

WD Gold

These are your enterprise drives, they are used in servers and storage devices, they are designed to be the workhorses of hard drives, they are reading and writing at speeds that overcome expectations. 

WD Purple

These are your surveillance drives, they are designed to capture up to 64 camera's at a single second, they over perform in all categories in the reading and writing, extreme demands and playback.