Email Guard

Securi-Mail encompasses an end-to-end suite of solutions to empower companies to safely, smartly and securely capitalise on their use of email as a business communication and branding tool. 

The Securi-Mail suite of solutions includes advanced email security services that provide unmatched protection against the full spectrum of email-born threats; an innovative email archiving and business continuity solution which gives employees all-the-time access to email from wherever they are; a versatile email branding toolset, and a WAN optimizer service to address poor email speed and performance. 

All Securi-Mail products are delivered as fully-hosted managed services on a subscription basis to reduce cost of ownership and administration.

Securicom e-Purifier

Holistic, smart email security 

Securicom e-Purifier is an integrated solution for holistic message management and security. Fully-hosted in the cloud, e-Purifier routes all incoming and outgoing messages via Securicom’s infrastructure, stopping questionable and malicious content before it reaches the client line.
An easy-to-use online dashboard provides a central, secure point for managing messages and full visibility into the company message system and message flow. Securicom offers two distinct fully-managed email security management solutions:

e-Purifier Enterprise

A feature-rich, premium email security and content management service,  encompassing content filtering, anti-SPAM, recipient validation, anti-phishing and three layers of anti-virus.

e-Purifier Lite

A robust email security service providing best spam and virus protection

e-Purifier protects your business against:

  • Email-transmitted security threats such as SPAM, viruses and other malicious content
  • The circulation of inappropriate material
  • Email abuse by employees (Enterprise version only)
  • Bandwidth wastage
  • Network congestion
  • Contravention of your corporate email usage policy by employees (Enterprise version only)
  • Legal liability arising from breaches of confidentiality (Enterprise version only)

Securicom MailVault

Simple, reliable email archiving and retrieval

Securicom MailVault is a smart cloud-based email archiving and business continuity solution that provides continuous and anytime access to email, and smart capabilities for managing email life cycles.

Securicom MailVault ensures business continuity in the event of a system failure by providing all-the-time access to emails via a secure, user-friendly web interface, which can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, or via the innovative MailVault Plug-in, which allows users to continue working with emails using their usual email interface.

Securicom MailVault provides:
Reliable, real-time back up of electronic communication

  • Business continuity in the event of an email system failure
  • Integration with corporate email clients, via an innovative plug-in
  • A central archive of incoming, outgoing and internal electronic messages
  • Simple email sorting, search and retrieval capabilities
  • Viewing and replaying of lost or deleted messages
  • Easy access to email messages at all times using any web-enabled device
  • Ability to send and receive messages from within the archive
  • Compliance with the requirements of the South African Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act and various other pieces of legislation that indirectly prescribe the retention or archiving of electronic communication.

Securicom e-Branding

Versatile, measurable email branding

Securicom e-Branding is a versatile and easy to use email branding solution that turns everyday business email into a targeted marketing channel. Securicom e-Branding is a cloud-based service offered on a subscription basis.

Visibility into company emails via the e-Branding web portal allows you to monitor and measure campaigns.

From an easy-to use online portal you can:

  • Brand all outgoing emails to create a uniform and consistent look and feel
  • Enforce mandatory company information and disclaimers
  • Develop and activate email marketing/advertising campaigns
  • Use email to drive traffic to the company website
  • Report on email marketing campaigns
  • Gain insight into outgoing email flow