Infrascale Cloud Backup

"IT Support Departments" have a tough job in protecting the enormous growth in data, storage, and physical & virtual servers, supporting BYOD, and mitigating against growing threats of data breaches, ransomware and loss from damages or unforseen events.

Infrascale believes that every company has the right to protect their valuable data and keep their operations up and running. No one should fear the loss of irreplaceable data or realize the helplessness and uncertainty that follow a system failure that lacks an adequate contingency plan.

The reality is that every modern company depends on data and operational uptime for their survival. There are no exceptions for this and Infrascale as the right solution.

This is why Infrascale invented a way for any company big or small to quickly and easily recover their data and restore operations in the wake of a disaster without complexity and this is done efficiently.

We know that when disaster strikes every minute counts that why we have partnered up with Infrascale to offer our clients a scalable online backup solution.

Key features and benefits of using our Secure Cloud Backup

Protecting all of your data

With so many laptops and mobile devices, IT has its challenges with protecting distributed data. Infrascale Cloud Backup supports the most popular operating systems and protects servers, workstations, laptops, and mobile devices.

Unlimited Version History

While some providers won’t let you access every previously saved version of your files (e.g., only versions from the past 15 days), Infrascale Cloud Backup provides an unlimited version history without such limitations. 

Anomaly (Ransomware) Detection

Infrascale Cloud Backup includes Anomaly Detection that proactively notifies you when the changed file count surpasses a specified threshold. These early warnings can limit the amount of damage inflicted by ransomware while also pinpointing the time of infection. This benefit mitigates the potential of a complete loss of data, also allowing you to recover quickly. 

Snowden-Proof Encryption

Infrascale encrypt files with AES-256 bit encryption before being transferred over a secure SSL (AES-256 bit) to one of the top-tier data centers. We also encrypt your data at rest within the data centre. For added security and privacy, Infrasale offers UltrasafeMAX, an exclusive, double blind encryption method that gives you, and only you, access to decrypt data.

Trust in the Cloud

By backing up your information to the cloud you can easily access, manage, and recover your data from any device via Infruscale's online web portal -- log in from any browser, even your tablet or smartphone.