Data Destruction

We are completely ethical and value your privacy.  Your data is your data and all data that is and or could be left on hard drives or other devices that have not been destroyed beforehand is destroyed or formatted to ensure that your data remains your data.

Your decision

You have the choice on how we destroy your data.  If your data is extremely sensitive then we recommend the complete destruction on the device, when data is not that sensitive then the multiple formats are enough. When it comes to how we destroy your data we have several ways that we can do this.

All is for a good cause

When a device is repurposed for a good cause, we format the device’s hard drive multiple times to ensure that the data has be completely removed and unrecoverable. When a device has no more life to it and cannot be repurposed, the disks or chips in the hard drive is taken out, magnetized and disks bent so that no data can be retrieved. To ensure that we hold to our promises any devices that hold data, we will send you confirmation of the destruction of data when required.