Domains & web hosting

We started to offer Domain and website hosting services in late 2013 and have grown this division year on year. We started BahatiHosting as we grew frustrated with 3rd parties providers we could not offer the service levels our clients were used to, we will not name and same these providers as we fell that is not right, but when it come down to offering our clients service we mean that.

Our hosting packages are offered from a light package to a large package that will allow for a small or full scale web application/CRM and or content management system.

All our hosting package come with a free email service attached can be attached to your domain this can make your business look professional and legitimise the business. when you received a email with, you never know anymore this this is a legitimate email or if it is a phishing scam, this has been a major concern for sometime as may viruses are spoofed through unsecure servers and land up in your mail boxes.

We built BahatiHosting to include services from the Microsoft cloud, cloud servers and Cloud backups to compliment offerings to our clients. We have been educating our techninions to understand and master the Inert of Things.