Hardware & software

BahatiGroup has been working with the biggest distributors in South Africa and are able to supply a large range of hardware and software, we have over time understand what our customers need and want to grow their business.

We supply the correct equipment that is needed for the job and custom design some of the equipment that is needed for the larger scale needs. We feel that we are competitive in the market and have made huge strides with certain manufacturers and developers like Microsoft, Dell, HP,WebrootUntangle and Western Digital in gaining skills and knowing that we are supported by them. 

Our suppliers offer full warranty repairs on all models unless it was offered with an on-site manufacturers warranty, We will collect and return the faulty items from you to the supplier or specified repairer and manged the process.

We are also Microsoft Volume license providers, this means that we can get you one product key for all your devices and this means that you will never loose your product keys from Microsoft, this does mean that there is a minimum purchase of 5 licenses to be eligible for this. We supply all Microsoft products from Office to windows, server and SQL, the cloud offering as well.