Network Support

Network Support is not always an easy job, it comes with complications as it is so vital to keeping a business running. There are so many variations that could be the problem, this can range from the entire network being down to just a point not working to the wireless, not giving enough bandwidth for the job - Knowing what the fault is, is our Ninja’s expertise and we will be dedicated to making sure that the network works optimally and functions at the most economic cost possible. The network can get extremely complicated win Vlans, PPPoE, VPN, IP addressing, Subnetting, and being able to secure all of this is vitally important to your business. This is where our Ninjas come in and place our networking and security policies.  

Implementation services

We offer your business world-class service on a range of network-related services and support on full network integration and design layouts, from fault finding and new installations or advanced networking. Whether it is one network point or an entire building, our Ninja’s are trained and skilled in providing you with the most reliable cable installation and network troubleshooting possible. We can make it as complicated or as simple as it needs to be and with our standards and quality of work we offer a full 1-year guarantee on our work done.