Preventative maintenance is a dusty affair

Your  equipment  stands around and gathers dust, skin, hair and grime every single day. This can be deadly to your equipment. All the fans and tiny chips get dusty over time and the become slower and could potentially overheat and cause irrepairable damage, which could hamper the performance of equipment and damage components.   

We can help you prevent this from happening by performing preventative maintenance clean-ups every 6 to 12 months, depending on your environment.

Very little time

Preventative maintenance only takes a couple of hours and leaves your equipment feeling fresh, new and squeaky clean.  Preventative maintenance also includes the tidying of cables which can become hazardous if not attended to.   

All of this involves doing the dirty work on your computers and network, making sure that they go the distance for you. Dust is a major cause of hardware failure and slows systems which are not covered under the manufactures warranty

Our Ninjas do it all

Our Ninja’s come in and clean all of your devices, from the PC or laptop to the screen, keyboard and mouse. The network and servers get it the worst as they never turn off and are always working, with their fans blowing the dusty air into the equipment. 

Working with dirty equipment is a health hazard to your employees and equipment. Having clean and sanitized equipment is important to your health and mind and creates a sense of brand new devices as they now operates cooler and run faster as the equipment does not overheat. If your office gets a thorough cleaning every day, shouldn't your equipment get the same treatment?